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Water Testing

We offer personalised water testing services, including:

  • Water Sampling & Testing
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Vulnerability Assessments
  • Water Tank Disinfection
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About us

Our Team

Our team of consultants have experience working with a wide range of clients (Industry, NGO’s, Governments) in conjunction with Environmental Agencies and Regulators. We have diverse international experience which also includes Environmental Impact Assessments (Environmental Condition Reports, Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Reports), waste management, emergency spill response (HAZMAT), ground water monitoring (including storm water, waste water and drinking water) and contaminated soil remediation in the United States, The Middle East, Africa and the Europe. Inclusive of this was monitoring environmental programs and geographical information systems in conjunction with the US Government during missions abroad.

Our expertise

Extensive Knowledge

Extensive knowledge of environmental regulations and environmental science allows us to interact with all levels of regulatory bodies on our client’s behalf. We consult with clients or organizations regarding management of environmental projects, programs, and issues, which may include conducting regulatory compliance audits and dealing or negotiating with governmental environmental regulatory agencies. We conduct research and perform studies and surveys to obtain data required for solution. Prepare technical reports to document field activities, report data, and evaluate options for the client based on interpretation of environmental regulations, rules, and guidance documents associated with environmental investigation, permitting, and remediation activities. Advise client or department heads on alternate methods of solving needs or problems, or recommends specific solutions.