Hazardous Materials

EnviroExperts-Africa consultants have valuable experience working with emergency crews on hazardous material spills and clean-up of contaminated spill sites. We identify the hazards and safe cleanup procedures and we have responded to a wide range of spills in sometimes quite challenging situations and weather conditions. We can provide hazardous material (HazMat) training to a wide range of audience, including truck drivers and emergency workers to enable them to react accordingly when responding (please see Environmental, Health & Safety Training section for more information).

Hazardous Waste Services

We can help with planning, advisory, inspections, procedural development, implementation, and program management services necessary to ensure that safe operation of hazardous material (dangerous goods) and spill responses are being conducted in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We can serve as leads in all hazardous material management issues while identifying and mitigating hazardous waste and spill issues and conduct environmental compliance assessments.

EnviroExperts-Africa services include consulting on waterborne or land spills and planning incident commands for any occurrence. Whether it’s placarding trucks which carry dangerous goods on the roads, HazMat disposal or inspecting facilities that use and store highly dangerous chemicals, we can provide guidance and training.

hazardous material