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Water Testing

We offer personalised water testing services, including:

  • Water Sampling & Testing
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Vulnerability Assessments
  • Water Tank Disinfection
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Pollution of the environment is against the law and the repercussions can be costly and extremely damaging. Whether is be industrial effluent discharge into rivers, release of toxins from emission towers or dumping of chemicals, the impacts on environmental and biological systems are far reaching and the damage long-term and expensive.

Many activities have the potential to pollute so exercises to manage activities are necessary to mitigate and control pollution.

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants have worked on many solutions such as generating energy from greenhouse gas emitting operations and remediated hydrocarbon contaminated soils using microbial cultures. It can be anything from solid waste disposal to monitoring of groundwater and the training of staff on site. We can help understand exactly what contaminants are being released into the environment, determine their polluting capacity and highlight controls.

Pollution control