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Water Testing

We offer personalised water testing services, including:

  • Water Sampling & Testing
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Vulnerability Assessments
  • Water Tank Disinfection
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Landfill & Waste Management

Waste Management deals with the movement, processing, recycling, disposal and monitoring of waste materials. Human health and the environment can be negatively impacted by poor management of waste and understanding the best practise and solutions to tackle waste, especially in developing countries, is incredibly important. Effective waste management practices can also greatly improve the recovery of resources from waste and generate significant cost benefits.

Mostly human activities generate significant quantities of waste and the nature of waste stream (solid, liquid or gaseous) and level of hazardous material is important in accurately managing each stream. The results of poor waste management can lead to considerable problems which ultimately have very costly consequences. These include human health hazards, fire, odour, water and air pollution, gas migration, liability and many other factors associated with waste. The nature of waste and the variety of waste stream such as biomedical, hazardous, inert, household & industrial means each stream must be individually considered.

We can help with all levels of waste management

EnviroExperts-Africa can help consult on all levels of waste management from reuse, reduce and recycle to hazardous material disposal. The engineering of landfill cells is complicated and we have extensive experience with initial lining/capping and treatment of leachate as well as methane gas recovery. Our technicians can monitor groundwater and air to determine contamination and gas migration concerns as well as developing long term solutions to manage landfills.

If it's incineration, energy from waste, handling, recycling or landfilling, we can help direct practices in an environmentally focused manner. We also offer training on effective and practical waste management strategies (see EH&S Training section).

Waste is increasingly being considered as a resource and efficiency in many operations will have profound long term effects on business profits and government performance.

Waste and Landfill management