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Water Testing

We offer personalised water testing services, including:

  • Water Sampling & Testing
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Water Vulnerability Assessments
  • Water Tank Disinfection
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Water Quality

EnviroExperts-Africa offers personalised water testing services specifically designed to help homeowners and businesses determine the quality of their water and check whether their water supply is free of harmful contaminants.

Boreholes, shallow wells, storage tanks, rain collection sources or municipal water supply; our expert water testing will help you determine the safety of your families or employees water.

  • Professionally sample and conduct initial site tests
  • Analyse samples through approved and certified laboratories
  • Evaluate data to establish trends in the monitored parameters
  • Compare against Local and International Standards for water quality and safety
  • Provide a comprehensive report and recommendations based on your final results

Enviro-Experts Africa offers biological and chemical analysis covering many contaminants which can potentially cause health issues.

Water testing and sampling

Water Sampling & Testing

Whether your water comes from a borehole, well, rain collection source or a municipal water supply; our expert water testing can help you determine the quality of your families or employees water (especially if it is used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, bathing etc.).

Samples are professionally collected by our environmental specialist, water quality parameters tested on site. An approved ISO 17025 laboratory will test for chemical or biological parameters for an all-inclusive assessment of your water quality. EnviroExperts will analyse the data to establish trends in the monitored parameters, compare against local (SAZS 560:1997) as well as International Standards (World Health Organization) and provide you with a comprehensive report based on the final results.

Tests available.

The category of analysis you choose should be based upon your water source and what contaminates may potentially be in your water. If you are on the municipal water supply, you may want to test for the by-products of disinfection, bacteria and heavy metals as they may be present in the water. If you have a borehole, it is important to test for bacteria as that is a common contaminant, as well as other occurring contaminants such as cadmium, iron and manganese. While bacteria can pose an immediate health risk, there are other contaminants in ground water which can potentially cause chronic long-term health issues.

Results and Reporting.

A full report of your results and interpretation is provided approximately 7-10 days after sampling. The test results are provided in an easy to understand format, outlining what was found in your water sample. We can assist in explaining the results, including answering any questions you might have.

Where can samples be collected from?

  • Boreholes and wells
  • Domestic water points (taps/faucets/pipes)
  • Water storage tanks and storage containers

Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection

We clean as it was our own drinking water.

The storage of your water is just as important as your water quality. In some cases, the quality of the water is satisfactory but the condition of the water tank is in poor condition leading the water to be susceptible to contamination.

It is recommended to have your tank cleaned at a minimum semi-annually for improved water quality.

Why clean your domestic water tank?

Just a few of many reasons why your water tank should be professionally cleaned are below:

  • kill or prevent the survival of waterborne pathogens that could potentially cause gastrointestinal and other harmful diseases
  • prevention of scale and slime accumulation (biofilm) from groundwater sources
  • control the buildup of sediments, which degrade the taste and odor of potable water

EnviroExperts offers a safe and professional service of tank cleaning and disinfection to ensure your water is being stored in a clean environment at all times. A cleaner tank means cleaner water and a healthier you.

We do cleaning of all domestic size water tanks.

This service includes a complimentary tank inspection, so you know you are good to go!

Don’t neglect your water tank, call us today for further details.

Our May - June 2016 special is only $100.00* USD per tank of any size!

Water Vulnerability Assessments

Is your water vulnerable?

Water security is an important component to your safety. If you feel your water could be susceptible to any type of danger, let us do a comprehensive assessment to determine potential risks. We want to help you identify threats and create effective solutions.

Water Quality Monitoring (WQM)

A WQM programme provides a systematic method for water sampling frequency and location.

EnviroExperts can deliver a comprehensive WQM plan to assist in decision making situations.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) a WQM is important because it:

  • Describes water resources and identifying actual and emerging problems of water pollution
  • Formulating plans and setting priorities for water quality management
  • Developing and implementing water quality management programmes
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of management actions